mission & vision

The future starts with education. As one of seven members of the Pearland ISD Board, I will fight for public education and equal opportunity for all.

"I believe that education is an investment in our future. When students succeed, our city, state and nation succeed"

I am one of five children in my family. My older brother, Adam, is a DHS/HSPVA graduate and is now at the New England Conservatory. My older sister, Mia, is a DHS graduate and is attending the University of Texas at Austin. My younger sister, Ava, is in the 6th grade and my younger brother, Joseph, is in the 4th grade.

Every single one of my brothers and sisters, like myself, started their education in Pearland schools. My family has lived in Pearland for the past two decades. My mother is a lawyer at Houston's VA and my father is the owner of his own law firm. 

Mike Floyd is a long-time student rights advocate in Pearland ISD. In the fourth grade, Mike drafted his first petition for higher quality school meals. In the eight grade, Mike fixed a design flaw in the Berry Miller Junior High lunch system after gathering over 500 signatures, avoiding a state violation and a possible lawsuit. In the 11th grade, Mike successfully gathered over 6,000 signatures from across Pearland ISD to change the district dress code. Working with senior administration and by engaging the students of Pearland ISD, Mike has implemented more changes in the district than any other student in Pearland history, and now he will continue attempting to do so as a Pearland trustee. Mike became the youngest elected official in Pearland history on May 6th, 2017.



A member of more than 7 city and county organizations, Mike is heavily involved in Pearland and the Houston-area. 

Serving others is an essential part of Mike's personality. For as long as he has been able to talk and walk, Mike has been standing up for others when it wasn't always safe to do. Here is a short list of a few of Mike's service accomplishments:

  • Volunteer at Health and Wellness Center
  • Volunteer with Meals on Wheels
  • Habitat for Humanity Member (non-campus)
  • Pear Award Recipient for International Service Fundraiser with the Peace Corp.
  • Original member of Safe School Ambassadors in Pearland ISD.
  • Head and Lead Organizer for Dawson Toys-for-Tots Drive, breaking district record 2 years in a row.
  • Former member of Rep. Ed Thompson's PYAC.
  • Recognized by Pearland Police Department for outstanding service
  • Sponsored by the American Legion, America's largest veterans organization
  • Pearland ISD Trustee


recent positions

Mike was elected to the Pearland ISD Board of Trustees on May 6th, 2017. He was sworn in on May 23rd, 2017 and his term expires in May 2020.


Pearland ISD School Board Trustee

 Mike Floyd