Mike Floyd 

Standardized Testing

It's no secret that Pearland ISD has major funding problems. A large part of this problem is the way that the State of Texas allocates funding to school districts. The algorithm that the state uses to distribute funds is roughly 4 pages long and is so complex that it is said only one man in our government truly knows how to use it. However, it makes no sense that Pearland ISD receives less money per student than the surrounding districts. I will be a strong advocate for fairer funding which can help our district grow and keep up with education standards that our parents and students deserve. 

If elected, I will be financially responsible, making sure that our district uses the budget in the most appropriate way. I am in support of cuts for programs and services that our students don't use and programs that have no use any longer. As a student, I have seen these wasteful programs firsthand and know which programs to cut, which to keep, which ones to invest in, and how to limit increases in recreational spending down the line. Our schools have tremendous amounts of waste which can be curbed, allowing the district to dedicate more money to instruction and teacher pay.  

It's my view that the main goal of Pearland ISD should be to prepare our students for a post-secondary education at a 4-year college or trade school. Starting in pre-K, we should be focused on creating a great foundation that challenges our students to think long term towards a 4-year degree at a college or university. Now, college may not be for everyone, and for those students, we should advocate for a trade option education at our flagship skills school, Turner High School. However, individuals who attain a 4-year degree not only make more money and have more opportunities, but also have healthier, happier, and longer lives. Of course, this is not true in 100% of cases, but we do have an obligation to give all the options and tools to our students that not only opens more doors in the career world, but also creates a great foundation for all students to establish successful futures. Success isn't getting kids through high school - it's getting them into college and/or great jobs. 

I support PISD teachers 110%. Today, our district does a decent job regarding teacher pay - we are slightly above average. But 75% of teachers quit within the first 3 years, hurting our entire district and wasting tremendous amounts of money. We can solve this problem by creating a teacher-mentoring system, where more experienced teachers work with new teachers.

Unfortunately, PISD teachers still pay out of pocket for school supplies, a practice that MUST end. Not only does this result in a lack of supplies and a decrease in educational opportunity, but also hurts the teachers themselves. When teachers can't pay for supplies, they pass the cost on to students and parents. It's time for the district to prepare to reduce the amount of supplies bought by teachers and students. Together, we can move towards a better district for all.

With the new District of Innovations opportunity, we can now have more freedom when it comes to managing PISD. I want to ensure that teacher contracts are preserved and that teacher pay is not cut due to DOI or any other contract changes.

I support 6 weeks paid maternity leave for our teachers, which I believe can be qualified under short-term disability. It is time to treat all PISD employees with equity and respect. 

As a student rights advocate, I have had my fair share of run-ins with campus administrations. Throughout my time in Pearland ISD, I have fought for and will continue to fight for:

  • a free dress code - districts with a free dress code report higher grades and test scores.
  • higher quality meals - it is absurd that prison food has higher nutritional value than school food.
  • cross-teacher calendars - teachers should be aware of other teacher plans to assign major grades.
  • test staggering - while some cases are unavoidable, students should not have multiple test on the same day.
  • student support - students should be briefed on their rights in every confrontation with principals or HR officers. 

These are just a few examples of how I believe PISD could work better for our students. When our students have the resources they need to succeed, everyone wins. 

2016 Bond


West-Pearland Representation

Student Rights

While all Pearland ISD Board members are At-Large, meaning they all represent all of Pearland ISD, not a single trustee lives in West Pearland. Not a single trustee has any personal investment in the success in West Pearland. 

Year after year, West Pearland schools have been neglected from the district. It's time to elect representatives from West Pearland who can represent the diverse community that we call home. 

While I supported the main goal of the 2016 Bond, I am worried about the implementation, the spending, the scheduling, and the shockingly bloated budget for items that should cost far less. As a result of the $220 million bond package, Pearland ISD's general debt has risen over $500 million and threatens the solvency of our district. We must monitor this bond, ensure that packages run under-budget and ahead of schedule and that excess funds not used be given back to the district.  

A Great Education for All

for pearland isd

The TEA reports that the state standardized test, the STAAR, costs $90 million to administer each year. This merely accounts for the contacts that Pearson receives to print/grade the exams. The total costs that both the state and local districts pay is close to 13 billion dollars, according to the TEA. I support HB 1336, proposed by Rep. Jeff Leach (R), called "Testing Transparency", which would require school districts to report their expenses for administering the tests. This is an important step in reducing overall costs related to the STAAR Tests.

I am greatly concerned with both the emphasis and preparation that our students receive to take the STAAR tests, particularly our young students in elementary school. We must prepare them to take the tests without placing too much worry or stress on our third and fourth graders. 

Students do not come in standardized packages - they shouldn't be tested like they do. Our district has fallen into the trap that standardized testing is the way to go. Our children are suffering and end up "studying to pass", not to learn. We need to place more emphasis on learning, not just passing the STAAR test. One size does not fit all. As Albert Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid".

The increasing emphasis on testing and reprisal needs to be adjusted to pursue meaningful change that can help students succeed. We should work toward an accountability system that builds on the capacity of educators and schools to improve student knowledge and skills. A capacity-building accountability system should be designed for enhancing student outcomes, rather than for assigning blame. This requires not only better measures of academic performance and broader evidence of student mastery, but also the careful analysis of critical input data to ensure that students, teachers, and schools have the resources necessary to promote the desired goals of schooling: academic excellence, civic responsibility, and individual development.

Supporting our Teachers